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Dec 7 14 6:02 AM

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Is anyone else here following the THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN newspaper strip by Stan lee and Larry Leiber (art daily)/Alex Savuaik(Sp??)(art Sunday) ~ plus additional noncredited script assistance by Roy Thomas ?
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Dec 8 14 9:11 AM

yes, i do. but to be honest, i find the stories not that interesting. it feels like the stories are going nowhere. i liked the one when tarantula came to newyork and the kraven one. the current doc ock seems to be shaping up nicely. but do tell me if i missed some interesting storylines.

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Dec 8 14 10:57 AM

I loved the Spider-man sundays used to appear in Anandamela - the teen-mag - in the ;80s.And the dailies were running in Aaajkal - the newspaper.But I found the dailies less appealing and hence didn't continued.Later,on mid 2000s, AmanKing(of Phantom's trail) used to run Spiderman alongwith Phantom & Mandrake and I used to occasionaly read there.

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Dec 9 14 5:10 AM

...BTW , I assume tyhat all the papers/magazines beinng discussed by you guys are Indian ones ?
 All English-language ones ?
  Does the strip run slightly delayed/a little later than it runs in America or , since I guess it was the last completed storyline , are you just remembering the " Doc Ock'  reforms '/Ox " one ?
   But never mind that !!!!!!!!!!!:-)
 I am putting up a link to the Seattle PI's posting of the strip , so that you can check out yesterday's ~ December 7th , Pearl Harbor Day's , strip !
 Dig , I say DIG , who makes a cameo appearance !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! imageimageimageimage

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Dec 9 14 11:06 AM

the telegraph, hindustan times, Times of india (ToI) and the statesman are all english newspapers. anandamela (Teen mag) is in bengali (it's a regional language). i think it runs behind the american papers because currently the doc ock reforms storyline is running in the telegraph. yesterday spiderman shook hands with doc ock and today doc thinks that spiderman suspects him but it's too late to stop him.

let me check your link. i presume you are from seattle? 

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Dec 10 14 5:12 AM

...Yes , it is Foggy ~ Nice to have it fitting the fact that (the last I looked) Matt Murdock (Daredevil) was back in San Francisco in the Marvel comic books , not in New York City , home of about 90% of Marvel's super-heroes !!!!!!!!!!!
I am in Seattle now , yes . I came up here in continued search of medical matters , medical matters that aren't working out to well at the moment , I am VERY poor , and I dislike the weather here (especially with my medical problems :-() .

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Dec 10 14 5:32 AM

Obviously , my link to the (online-only) Seattle Post-nItelligencer didn't go up .
Okay , what I was getting all het up about was ~ THAT SUNDAY STRIP HAS A CAMEO APPEARANCE BY AN IMAGE OF THE PHANTOM !!!!!!!!!!!
Really .
Check it out .

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