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Dec 7 14 5:50 AM

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Hello . I am glad to see this board active again ! :-) I have been rather less-involved in the Phantom world recently , however , now in Seattle , Washington in the uSA , I recently saw and bought the Hermes Ppress #1 THE PHANTOM comic byPeter David and Sal Velluto , buying , the cover which I noted above ! (I think the only cover the store had in stock .)
 It was interesting to me to note that the story is apparently ~ From Diana's muse of a typewriter ~ set in a 1970s-80s? period .
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Dec 9 14 5:37 PM

I am quite interested about this series,specially the way chacraters have portrayed,as I read in some fb groups.Hopefully,soon we can order this book by or other Indian sites... :-)

PS - This post should be in 'Frew/Diamond and other series of Phantom' at the sub-forum 'BEYOND the Indrajal-Universe',so have moved it there...

Best Wishes,

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Dec 10 14 6:04 AM

...Yes , I did see this other forum ;ater , after I posted it initially , I recall .
 Do you plan to perhaps wait for the (presumed) book collection before ordering it for mail-order to India ? I'd tend to think that American $3.99 (more or less the " standard " price for a standard-sized " comic book " from the smaller companies , though " comic shop majors "/" semi-majors " Dark Horse and Image keep at least some of their individual issues at $3.50) ~ I really don't know how much that'd work out to , in real money terms , in Indian terms !   Considering the likely import price , if you ordered it from overseas...Amazon tends not to offer individual comic book issues (that are not being offered/sold as " collectibles " of some sort) , as I recall .
Nowadays, at least in some cases?? , American companies announce/schedule the book collection of a 4-6 issue story arc even the same month as the last issue of the serialized comic book printing of the story...I meant that Diana's " use " of a typewriter in her office , as well as an old-style phone points to perhaps an early-80s setting (taking into account the 21st and Diana's weddinghappening in the strip as originally published in the very late 70s) ~ a (Caucasian) character going around in longish hair and blue-jean shorts too !

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Dec 10 14 6:11 AM

...The cover by Alex Savuik (Al ofthemare pictured inside the comic - presumably at Hermes' Web site ?) is very , to continue the " retro "-ness , 1970s Marvel-y - Sort of John Buscema-ish??!

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